leaving at 12:00PM!

The High Nooners Will Ride


Rain Cancels



We ride every Sunday, weather permitting! We arrive at the Route 50 Saloon between 11:00 - 11:45 AM and leave promptly at High Noon! Every week we try to ride a different back road or head out to an interesting destination. Safety is always on our mind, of course!


We we will be making a few short stops at watering holes for cold beverages and to use the facilities. We normally ride till five – sometimes six or more!


The American Dawgs find a lot of prospective members on these rides, although that certainly isn't our goal. We serve the community and want to provide a safe ride for enthusiasts who come from all walks of life - good people who share an interest in motorcycles with other good people. The make and model of your bike makes absolutely no difference to us.


So if this sounds promising and we promise it is, come out and ride with us! It's a guaranteed good time!!



251 Main St, Addyston, OH, 45001, OhiO

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