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It all began in the fall of 1996 when two men who worked together found they both loved riding motorcycles. Jeff, alias "Hound Dawg", and Shawn, alias "Sugar-T" along with their wives, got together on one fall weekend to do a color run. This was the beginning of a friendship that will last through time. During the off-season, Hound and Sugar-T discussed the idea of starting a riding club. It was at this time that Hound found another job, and began to meet other riders.

In the spring of 1997, Hound and Sugar-T started riding together more often. Later on in that year Sugar-T invited Hound Dawg out to a pig roast that was being sponsored by one of the other local MC clubs. This is where they met up with Garry, alias "Paw Dawg", who had retired from the same company that Hound Dawg was currently working for. They started sharing stories about the “good ole days” and discovered their love of music. Paw was a musician and Hound just loved all kinds of music. Paw was thrilled to see that someone else was riding something other than a Harley, that being Sugar-T’s Honda. Hound was riding Ruby, his red Road King.

Hound and Paw lived fairly close to each other, and started riding regularly in the evenings. Hound introduced Paw to Bill, alias "Snoop Dawg". Snoop had just bought his Honda Shadow and joined in. And now there were four Dawgs until Hound noticed another man riding his Sportster to work and approached him about riding with the guys. Sure enough Tom, alias "Red Dawg", became the next original member, bringing the total to five.

During the next off-season, the five, along with their wives, would meet every other weekend and spend time getting to know each other. That friendship was based on the love of motorcycling. It was during this winter that the Road Dawgs were born. The “original” five, Hound, Sugar-T, Snoop, Paw and Red, all decided to form a motorcycle club. Every other weekend they would all get together and set out for some distant land. Hound had the knack of choosing some great riding destinations, leading the pack down long country roads and winding their way through wooded hills and small country towns - only to end up at their favorite watering holes. These were awesome adventures.

Later that year, Sugar-T asked the group if his son Michael, alias "Guard Dawg", could join them. Of course there were no negative responses and Guard Dawg became the sixth member. However Guard Dawg was the only member without wheels. Too young to drive, he rode on the back with his dad. But Guard gets his name from being too young to go into the bars, so he would sit outside and guard the bikes.

We have built the foundation of our organization on the belief that we are a family orientated club. Family comes first, everything else comes next.

The American Dawgs started as a virtual dream in the minds of two bikers and today the pack continues to grow. We gain new members every year. The Dawgs belong to the national motorcycle rights organization, ABATE and the American Motorcycle Organization, AMA. We donate to many charities, the One Way Farm being the biggest in our hearts.

We love to ride and try to get together every weekend even during the off-season. In the winter we plan the next year’s events and rides. The most important part of being a Dawg is the love of riding. Anyone can own a bike, but it takes much more to be an American Dawg.

Our Mission
Our Current Officers
Left to Right:  Chef,  Giver,  Snoop (Past President),  TStock,  Preacher,  Tazz   
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